One Year…


Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Melanie’s death.  I can’t believe one year has already gone without her here on this Earth, I know she is here with us everyday in spirit.  I feel her with me all the time. Yesterday was not as hard as I expected it to be.  I did cry a few tears but I was able to focus on all the good times and happy memories. I was able to smile and laugh while looking through pictures.  I was able to thank God for the time I was blessed with being Melanie’s mom and friend.  I was blessed by all the Facebook posts and instagram pictures and kind words friends and family shared.  The way Melanie touched so many lives brings tears to my eyes even now.  We were all blessed to have had her in our lives even for the shot time she was here on this Earth.

My husband wrote a very nice post on his Facebook wall yesterday and I think he summed things up very well.  I will leave you with his words today.

“Well the day is here. The one I have been dreading for months. The day my life would never be the same. The day I first ask God why he hated me so much and started to become very angry with him. The day he took my beloved Melanie home to be with him. It doesn’t seem like a year at times its seemed like 2 or more years. A giant unfillable hole was created this day. But as this year has passed I have begun to heal and find new strength in God to lean on him more than ever before. I have learned what is really important in this life and what is not. Found out how many people Melanie touched and was overwhelmed by the answer. Had some people feel like I should be over it by now but they never will understand you are never over it. It’s just learning how to live with it. But there has been many blessings as well. Rosie got her new lungs six months to the day Melanie died and got to come home on Melanie’s birthday. So I feel very blessed and it has helped soften the blow on these days. I am not angry with God anymore and always look to use this tragedy to give him glory. I would not want to live through this without him or his strength. So far I have had peace but I sure I’ll probably cry a few times. And right now I am finding it hard to sleep. But I’ll lean on him and have peace. I miss u terrible Melanie Albright but I know you are in a far better place and suffer no more and are ok as I was reminded by a story my wife heard from my mother in law today. I love you and look forward to the day I will be united with you again. Love Daddy”

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