Going Home

Wow! I can’t believe it’s finally here. If all goes well with Rosie’s bronch tomorrow we will get to leave St Louis and go home on Thursday. It will be another bitter sweet day. Celebrating Rosie and I coming home to stay and remembering Melanie on her 19th birthday. Wow, I suddenly broke down. I never know when that will happen these days. Happy tears to see Rosie doing all the things she has not been able to do for such and long time and and tears of grief for missing Melanie.

I am so looking forward to coming home and at the same time nervous and a little sad about leaving St. Louis. By no means do I want to stay her longer but in some ways I will miss this place. It’s a very weird feeling to have two homes. Rosie and I have experienced a lot of firsts here in our little apartment in this big city. It has been a nice place to live while we had to be away from home. Rosie and I have gotten closer as mother and daughter and have made lots of special memories here. I have witnessed Rosie being able to live life without boundaries holding her back. I have seen her do things I could only hope to see her do again. we owe it all to our/her donor family. Without them no of this would have been possible. I so hope to meet them one day. I can’t imagine the emotions I will feel that day.

Right now I am trying to find the motivation to pack. One would think that going home would be enough motivation but I really don’t like packing! It’s not much or so I keep telling myself. I need to go out and get packing tape to put our boxes back together. But I felt the need to write first. I’m sure the next time I write will be from home in Indiana. I’m very excited to get back to stage managing and seeing Rosie on stage and hanging out with her friends. She is going to be able to do so much now that she couldn’t do before. I try not to feel guilty for getting to go home so quickly and for being here for such a short time. I’m so thankful it was a short time. It’s been hard on all of us to be apart like this. It will be good for all of us to be home and be under one roof again. To be able to figure out what our life will be like now without Melanie and with a healthy strong Rosie. We have a tough season ahead of us and I’m happy we will all be together to help each other get through it.

As we get ready to end this season of our life and begin a new one I want to thank you all for following our story and for praying for my family. I will continue to write as I feel led and I covet your prayers and support as we begin this new season.IMG_2928

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