Father’s Day

Last Family picture

In the US, today is the day we honor our father’s.  First I will start with my father.  My dad is amazing.  I am so blessed that God choose him to be my father.  He has always been involved in my life.  From when I was a young child when he raised my two brothers and I on his own to being a friend and supporter in my adult life.  I have so many memories of times with my dad.  Camping, boating, pulling weeds in the yard on Saturday mornings, watching him play music and thinking I was pretty cool because my dad was in the band. He came to my concerts, my softball games, my marching band competitions (even when it was during the World Series).  He gave me away at my wedding, was there when all 3 of my children were born, and when it was time for Melanie to leave this world and go to Heaven my dad was there.  He has been the best Grandfather a kid could ask for, he treats my husband like he is one of his own sons and has been a good example of what it means to be a gentlemen. I am so blessed to call him my Dad.  I love him more than my words could ever express.  Happy Father’s Day Daddy.

My husband – RD, the father of my children, my friend.  So many memories and emotions are flooding my mind.  You have been an amazing father to Adam, Melanie and Rosie. You have always been active in their lives no matter what was going on in yours.  You have worked hard to give them everything they need and most of what they want.  You have raised them to believe in God and His word and because of that all three of them have accepted God’s gift of eternal life.  You have been there with dirty diapers, late night feedings, hospital stays treatments, baseball, basketball, soccer, karate, music, dance, cheer leading, and musicals.  You have taken our family on vacations to make memories that will last a lifetime.  And when it was time for Melanie to leave us for Heaven you stayed by her side for her last days with us. You never give up fighting for what you know is right and you would move heaven and earth to help our children have the best life possible. I love you so much.  There are not words to express how blessed I am that  you are the father of my children.  So on this day we honor you, thank God for you and tell you how much we love you and thank you for being the worlds greatest dad.

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